Entry 2: Speechless!

Yateley United Football Club, team mates and family friends have sponsored me!

Supported by Great Britain Deaf football, a player sponsorship campaign of £300 to secure a ‘favourite’ player was launched on the 28th July.

“Katy (Ladies team captain) had messaged me to asked me to come back to the centre [Yateley United Community Centre] after our friendly. Katy explained that she wanted to show me something with Mel, which I thought that was a little strange, but agreed.

Mel arrived at the centre, acting very secretive, which was out of character and proceeded to hand me a card. I am not overly keen on huge audiences or people watching me so found myself getting a little flustered as Katy started to film.

Once I had opened the card and read what had been written, I was gobsmacked!

I had been made aware that someone had sponsored me and in my curiosity I had asked the England camp if they could tell me who; They declined, telling me directly that is was a secret and that the sponsor want to tell me directly.

At the moment of reading the card, I realised immediately it was MY club, MY teammates players and their family relatives! I truly was speechless! I couldn’t believe they would do that.

I immediately gave everybody a hug and thanked them using sign language, once I had collected my thoughts and able to express my words.

The joy and amazing feelings of emotions started to really take hold once I had returned home.

I honestly feel like I can not thank my team, my players, my club enough for what they have done. It is a huge boost for me to know my entire Football Club is behind me and is 100% backing me. For me it means the WORLD!

I will truly do my very best for Yateley United! I will work hard and enjoy my football knowing I have a true footballing family behind me.

Thank you everybody once again for your kind heart and hope you realise how special this is to me!


Receiving the card from my Team-mates at Yateley United FC – My football family and home.

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